Truck Stop Story Board

Due Monday, January 20.

We have been working on this in class.

7E and 7F Fur Trade Game

We have been working on this in class.  It is a group project.  Games must be completed and ready to play on Monday, Dec. 16.

L.A. Novel Activities 7E and 7F

due Nov. 21 - students have had class time to complete these assignments.  

L.A. Book Share 7E and 7F

Due Friday, November 15 - We have been working on this weekly since September.

How to Train Your Dragon

We are starting this novel on Monday, October 7. I am linking an audio version so that students who miss can stay caught up.

How to Train Your Dragon
By Cressida Cowell

October 8 - 7E and 7F - we read chapter one

October 9 - 7E and 7F -we read chapters 2 and 3

October 10 - 7E and 7F - we read chapter 4 (starts as 46:38)

October 16 - 7E and 7F - we read chapters 5, 6, and 7 (chapter 5 starts at 56:47)

October 17 7E and 7F - we read chapter 8 (1:18:53)

October 21 - 7E and 7F - we read chapter 9 (1:27:21)

October 22 - 7E and 7F - we read chapter 10 (1:39:41)

We have read chapters 11-14

We have finished the book.



If you miss any classes, it is your responsibility to catch up on the events of the story.
1. As you read/listen to the novel, keep track of characterization – character booklet.
Dogsbreath the Duhbrain
Tuffnut Junior
Stoick the Vast
Gobber the Belch
2. Create a plot map of the events of the story. You need to visually represent what has happened in each chapter as well as write a caption.

Franklin Expedition Project

due on Tuesday, October 29 - 7E and 7F

five periods will be given in class

S.St. New France PowerPoint 7E and 7F

7E due Friday, Nov. 15

7F due Thursday, Nov. 14

class time was given for research and creation of the PowerPoint.

Chapter 2 Quiz

Thursday, October 31

Review will start on October 24

S.St. Postcard/Stamp

Due on Thursday, October 10. Plenty of class time has been given.

Chicken Run - L.A.

Due on Wednesday, September 18

Social Studies Poster

Due Tuesday, September 17

S.St. Quiz - Chapter 1

We will be writing this on Monday, September 23. Review will be done in class so students will know what to study.

Short Short Tall Tale - rough draft

Please have your rough draft ready for Monday, September 30. Remember to focus on at least 8 exaggerations. The main goal in this piece of writing is to describe these exaggerations in a way that creates mind images.

Short Short Tall Tale - Final Draft

You will have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in class to complete this.  It will then be due on Friday, Oct. 4.

Novel Duotang - 7E and 7F

due on Monday, Nov. 4 - this includes chapters and characters

7E and 7